Surpassing the limitations of conventional lighting

the award-winning lighting system

volatiles are unique, touch sensitive LED modules. Sitting behind a sophisticated glass mosaic, they create mesmerising, interactive light scenes for any space.

Innovative German engineering

volatiles lighting is a technology company based in Berlin. They develop and manufacture sophisticated, smart surface lighting that is multi-award winning and completely unique to anything else on the market.

The volatiles product is both made and developed in Germany and sets the highest standards in quality and technology. Since 2017, volatiles lighting has a partnership with the international lighting company LEDVANCE (affiliate of OSRAM) for developing and producing these illuminated tiles.


Cutting-edge technology
at your fingertips

Forget external control units or programming. These touch sensitive glass mosaic tiles are equipped with modern LED, sensor and radio technologies which seamlessly integrate into the ultra-thin modules. With the volatiles smartphone app, you can connect to the modules through WIFI, download different light scenes and stream them on to the smart mosaic tiles.

Customise. Interact. Control.

Intelligent Lighting

volatiles LED modules are a touch sensitive glass mosaic that can display a different colour per tile. Modify the colours with just your fingertips to draw patterns across your illuminated wall or let the preprogrammed lighting designs play enchanting compositions to make your space unique.

Intuitive Use

volatiles are easy to operate. Just by using the mobile app (iOS or Android) and connecting to WIFI, the modules can be controlled via your smartphone. They can also be linked via EnOcean, voice smart home systems like Amazon Echo, or operated via touch, tapping the wall to change the setup of your light scenes.

Vibrant Lighting Scenes

There are a range of lighting scenes to choose from, including subtle moving patterns that can create a calm and relaxed atmosphere for any space. volatiles can completely transform commercial or residential areas with their unique, engaging interior lighting design. Touch sensitivity allows the public to interact while these scenes play in the background.

Room for Creativity

volatiles are flexible enough to be customised to any size, shape and colour for any wall or ceiling to suit your needs. The individual small square modules help to cover any design, from a trim or frame design, to a big wall piece. Choose coloured tiles to match your space and add uniqueness, with a wide range of choices from vivid colours to minimalist white.

Easy Installation

The easiest part of the volatiles design is that they do not require any complex installation process or external controlling products. The only requirement is a power supply and a WIFI connection to control the lights, everything else is fully integrated into each module, minimising space requirements and saving on installation time.

Energy Efficient

Using the latest generation of efficient LED technology, volatiles lighting modules are highly energy efficient and long lasting. This intelligent software uses smart sensors to considerably lower energy consumption when in standby mode. Their efficiency means that volatiles are not only aesthetically pleasing and ambient, but economical as well.

A new generation of smart surface light solutions for any indoor space.

The volatiles LED lighting modules are ideal for use in your office or living room and, with an IP rating of IP44, they also have the flexibility of being a feature in your bathroom or spa. Explore the vast application possibilities as inspiration for your own space.

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